This might come as a surprise... but not everything that's handmade or vintage sells great on Etsy.

In fact, Etsy, as every website or marketplace, has its own audience and aesthetic.

And that's great – they know who their specific customer is and tailor everything they do to her.

They promote products that she'll like and make sure she can find what she needs.

So, some things, that are a great match for this audience sell very well, and others – that are not a great match – don't sell that well (even though they can be amazing products).

You see – it's all in the match between what customers want and you can make, or in other words, the basic market law of demand and supply.

How can a maker like you and me know if what she makes is actually in demand?

How do you know if your products will sell on Etsy?

Well, there isn't a straight answer because there are a number of factors that go into it.

I tackle the most important ones in the video below.

Plus I give you a strategy that will help you find out if what you're selling or planning to sell in your Etsy shop is a good match for the marketplace.

In other words, in this video I answer the question "will my products sell?".

After you've watched, go and try out this research strategy.

Try it for one or two of your products and come back to tell me what you found out.

Is your product in demand? Are others making money selling similar things?

Can't wait to read what you discover!

Keep making,


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