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Помощ за твоя Етси магазин: Как да изпращаме продукти в чужбина?

За моя изненада, един от най-често задаваните въпроси от клиенти е как да изпращам в чужбина? Интересно, но една от най-лесните задачи явно плаши много от вас! Всъщност, пращането на продукти в САЩ или Австралия е детска игра щом се научиш как да го правиш. Но ако никога не си изпращала...


A Little Known Secret For Making More Etsy Sales

Have you ever felt like successful Etsy sellers know something you don't? Well, this is how I used to feel before I spent years on Etsy researching and trying to find out how some shops make a lot of sales and seem to be successful from the start, and some, like mine, would struggle month after...


How To Know If Your Products Will Sell On Etsy

This might come as a surprise... but not everything that's handmade or vintage sells great on Etsy. In fact, Etsy, as every website or marketplace, has its own audience and aesthetic. And that's great – they know who their specific customer is and tailor everything they do to her. They promote...


The Biggest Maker Mistake On Etsy

Dear Future Etsy Superstar, Today I want you to promise yourself something: That you'll not be desperate when sales are down. That you'll be inspired by others who are successful. That you'll take the necessary action to make the changes that you need to make to be an Etsy Superstar. In this...


6 Ways For Marketing Your Shop On Etsy

Photo credit Paul Morris When it comes to marketing your shop on Etsy, what can you do? The possibilities are endless–from blogging, to telling stories with your photos and pay per click ads–and overwhelming. For a shop owner who’s just starting out or hasn’t had much exposure yet, it...